Live Music: Anthony Frijia

Taproom open 12-8pm. Live music 3-6pm.


About the musician:

In his original work, singer-songwriter Anthony Frijia blends a variety of traditional styles including folk, rock, blues, hip-hop, and pop, focusing on socially and globally significant lyrics that seemingly float over top of his rhythmically-driven acoustic guitar. Coming from Fallston, Maryland, a not-so-suburb in the hills outside of Baltimore, it is his desire for the current moment, rather than the next, and a strong dislike for rushing around, that influences him most. Baltimore-area music-blogger Alicia Kelch says, “In a world that emphasizes the importance of time, change, and planning our next move, Anthony Frijia makes us stop and remember that the little things, like a good cup of coffee or watching the sunset, are still the important things. Creative and honest lyrics paired with uniquely-complex guitar phrasings create a sound reminiscent of days when anything was possible and all your worries were far away.”