Live Music: Never Ending Fall

Taproom open 12-8. Live music 4-8.

About the band:

Never Ending Fall have spent thousands of hours honing their musical craft, which is really about telling the story of a young band that is way bigger altogether than any individual member. Having grown up together has made them tight-knit in a way that only comes with putting time in as a band, while also bonding like family. They naturally know how to make the most of spending time together because they’ve been closest of friends for nearly a decade.

It may seem in a brief glance that Never Ending Fall are a group of fresh upstarts, the newest in a long line of funky indie rockers that meld many styles of music into the familiar Chesapeake sound. These six aren’t the next, they’ve been there all along, learning, studying and making music together since they were twelve years old. These kids are all grown up, and now it’s time to Start Living.

Their musical evolution has been remarkable, a six piece dynamo radiating their unique collective energy creatively through their music.